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Playing Outside

Within Starlight, I am able to offer 1:1 teaching, Youth Clubs & social skills groups open to all children and teenagers.

These groups are divided into ability for the younger ones and teenagers have sessions on their own.

I also provide specialised groups for up to 4 children per group and I try to ensure people are suited with others of similar ability and interests.

I can provide in school support, training and strategies for teachers within schools and for families I offer specific resources, strategies and guidance within homes to provide full round family support and guidance.

When requested I also provide training, presentations and workshops on a variety of topics.

For the first time I have seen my child want to interact


My son now tells me when he is angry, happy or sad...... the difference is huge .Now he can do that his meltdowns are getting less as he is able to communicate more effectively

another parent

He always wanted friends, but did not know how to make he plays in the playground and gets invited to parties, can never thank you enough

Parent of a child with Aspergers

His self esteem and confidence was non existent, he wanted to hide in his room and I could not get him of his computer. Now for the first time, he is beginning to believe in himself, his self esteem has improved beyond recognition,...thank you.

Parent of a teenage Asperger boy

When you first became involved he was about to be excluded from school, had no friends and was very angry at everyone. Now he is about to leave school after finishing and taking all his exams, he went into town last weekend with friends and above all, there is now laughter in the house again.

Parent of teenage boy

For years I was told it was all my fault. You saw and recognised her anxieties. Somehow you managed to break down her “patterned responses” which others believed. You helped her to realise it was ok to ask for help. When I first called you my daughter was at the point of school refusal as she felt like an “alien”. School now understand her hidden anxieties, she is able to express her true feelings and she no longer hides behind a fake smile. Thank you.

Parent of a young girl with Aspergers

never before has my child had so much fun, improved in so many ways and he can never wait till it is a “Jenn day!”...thank you for always believing in my child.

Learning made fun

All I wanted was to hear my child say ‘“mum” thanks to you not only does that now happen but with your support conversations are now happening and interaction I only dreamed about is becoming a reality. She has gone from one-two words to talking in sentences. What more do I need to say.

Another Parent

My son worried about everything, he would relive conversations in his head and worry about looks from people as he entered a room. Now he tells me to relax!! Thank you for lifting that burden from his young shoulders and giving him strategies to cope in numerous social situations.

I believe every child/ teenager has unique gifts and abilities and draw on their strengths whilst working on the areas they struggle within. I liaise closely with parents and professionals and everyone involved with the young person to try and ensure full round support and care is offered to the whole family. My aim is to teach, encourage and enable every person the opportunity to progress and begin their journey reaching for their full potential. Services I am able to offer include 1:1 teaching, Youth Clubs & social skills, teenage groups, holiday workshops, strategies for schools and within the homes, family support and guidance plus training and presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. I also now run saturday groups in our Portsmouth Venue. These are small groups, focusing on specific social skills and I try to ensure people are suited with others of similar ability and interests.

Starlight ASD Support was set up with the intention of providing guidance, support, resources and strategies in order to help children and teenagers with an ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) or a Social Communication and Interaction difficulty.

People with an ASD or associated difficulties have many amazing skills and qualities. However, due to the nature of ASD they may often present as socially “awkward” or withdrawn and are sometimes described as being “locked” in their own worlds; reluctant to interact and participate with others except on their own terms.

Many of their talents and skills can remain “hidden” but here at Starlight ASD Support I do not believe in putting “limits” on anyone affected by ASD or related social communication and interaction difficulties. Instead, I try to find ways to slowly help and allow them to reach out and release the potential hidden within. In order for this to happen we recognise that they may need additional support in order to learn and enhance their skills and abilities, and I am passionate about providing that support in order to make it possible.