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Training & Workshops

Starlight ASD Support is able to provide a range of training and presentations for schools, professionals and organisations with regards to ASD and Social Communication and Interaction difficulties.

Starlight ASD Support also offers presentations to all charities, support groups and organisations to give a personal account of living with Autism and Aspergers on a daily basis. If required for additional insight Jenn’s children can also attend these workshops to add their own insight and knowledge into life from their eyes and perspective which has proved invaluable to many support groups and charities.

Presentations, workshops and training can be based on a variety of different themes.

An example of some of the specific themes are based below:-

I can be booked for day and evening presentations, including interactive half or full day workshops. As stated previously I am also able to run presentations alongside one of my children who has Autism, so he can answer people questions concerning “Life through his eyes”. This has to be agreed prior to the evening and must be stated at time of booking a presentation.

Costing's vary dependent on length of presentation, location and travelling expenses. Please contact me direct for further information.

For a full list of courses and content available plus other peoples comments please go directly to the contact page and follow the external link.