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Play Therapy

Anthony Davies ( my son) has recently started to work within Starlight and joined me during the summer holiday sessions. Watching the young people and teenagers instantly relate to him and join in with his fun activities was very exciting to watch.

Anthony has a diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD himself but over the years has become more and more involved with the work I do. He spent a brief time working as a LSA within a mainstream school, assisting children on the spectrum, but has decided he needs to be more involved and be able to help the children learn the skills so they can cope and manage within the complexities of social situations.

Anthony brings his terrific sense of fun, boundless energy and quick thinking into each person he works alongside. His own experiences of living firsthand with Aspergers and ADHD means he can naturally relate to others anxieties, fears and difficulties. I have watched him as he helps them learn to accept new ideas and to cope with “change” and he has had them roaring with laughter and fun at his unique way of turning situations like learning conversational skills, into a task they cant wait to participate within and they actually ask to carry on practising.

If you would like your son or daughter to have some additional time with Anthony to bring on specific skills to help them transfer skills like sharing, turn taking, conversation, facial expressions, reading body language and many other essential social skills, then please contact me and I will immediately pass on your details so he can contact you direct.

His usual fee is £10 per hour. He is fully DBS checked at the enhanced rate.